Last few days, have been ruffs. I’ve been have an awful pain in my extremities. My muscles felt like they were rocks. It was unreal because it was a struggle just to stand up. I thought I was going to lose my mind. When the lupus knocks me on my behind, it’s a struggle to get back up. Slowly, I’m regaining my strength. I always worry that I won’t regain my strength. I updated my message board because I was getting some horrible spam videos. I managed to discontinue it. I have a couple of polls on my message board; one is for a name of a cook book and another is  a chronic illness poll. Please stop by and register and leave me a line. It looks inactive, but it’s just starting to wake up- a work in progress. My container garden is coming along well. I have one pepper about the size of a small pearl onion. I added a few more things; strawberries (my favorite), cucumber and brussel sprouts. I know what a lot of you are probably saying Yuck!! Brussel sprouts. I read somewhere they taste better out of your own garden, then store bought.

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