Mexican Food Near Me – Know What Your Options Are!

It might be surprising for you if you know that Mexican food is considered to be the most varied across the globe after Chinese food. Each region of country has its own style. Mexican food eaten in Yucatan is extremely exciting, since it’s a unique combination of Mayan, Mexican, Lebanese, and Caribbean influences.

A Look at the Amazing Mexican Cuisine

Several Mexican dishes are spicy, yet not everything is. In Mexican cookery, chili peppers are widely used and there are tons of variations of them including habanero, pasilla, problano, jalapeno, and Serrano. Mexicans like to differ their diets through eating fish, meat, seafood, poultry, fruit, grains, and vegetables or at least the ones who can afford. Sauces, soups, and stews are common Mexican foods as well as cooking methods include deep frying, baking, and slow roasting.

Mexicans want to eat fresh vegetables and fruits and anything older than 2 days isn’t considered fresh. Costly herbicides and pesticides are hardly used because produce is often picked when it’s already ripe or nearly ripe. Usually, imported food is shunned in favor of locally grown fruits and vegetables.

Traditional Mexican Food Has Something Special

One of the primary components of typical Mexican meal is tortillas. These are the balls of corn dough, flattened like a CD disc. They’re so much of a staple food, which government keeps its price at an affordable rate. Authentic tortillas are made with corn and are freshly made in the supermarket. They are also used to make traditional tacos, which are soft instead of prefab U-shaped ones you’d see in most Mexican fast food chains.

Tacos, tortillas, and tamales are made traditionally from corn. Tons of stews and soups include kidney beans, fava beans, and lentils. Different Mexican food recipes also include tomatoes, most particularly in salsa recipes.

In Mexico, fruits are very popular and often eaten fresh and used in sauces and desserts. Coconut, papaya, pineapple, and mango are all favorites. Nopales that are prickly pear cactus paddles are eaten and sauted like vegetables. You may also get them sweetened and incorporate in some Mexican dessert recipes.

Mexican Condiments Are One of the Best

Many people like adding lime, sour cream or salsa to their food or meal. In the traditional Mexican restaurants, you will get small bowls of Mexican condiments. These often include chopped onion, a mild chili salsa, cilantro, lime, salsa Mexicana, and a hot chili salsa. Salsa Mexicana is made with chopped fresh tomato, chopped onion, habanero chili, and cilantro. You will also enjoy guacamole, which is a lime and an avocado sauce. Charred green onion combined with salsa ingles and limejuice is another amazing Mexican condiment that you won’t surely resist.

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